About Us

Vignesh Scientific Glass works was established 26 years back for manufacturing the scientific, laboratory and industrial glassware. We continue to innovate and pursue our mission to emerge as one of the finest glass products and very specialized in the manufacturing of Glass Homogenizer, column, reactors, Glass Pressure vessels, Distillation unit, Viscometer, Flow meter, Gas purification apparatus, Membrane filtering assembly, Gas sensor chambers and also the tailor made glass fabricator for all kind of laboratory projects etc.

Our aim is to minimize turnaround time and maintain consistent quality.

Located in Trichy, India. Vignesh Scientific Glass Works has consistently been the industry innovators in custom glassware design and offer complete solutions in design and fabrication of laboratory glassware for the research and industrial chemists.

We are one of the fabricators of borosilicate laboratory glassware in India with an unparalleled reputation for the manufacture of quality products. Our products are manufactured in state of the art according to international standards. We have been in the field for more than two decades and draw upon our vast experience to maintain these high standards in our products.

We specialize in producing borosilicate glassware as per customer requirement which is Customised product. For any components, which are not in our range of standard production, we can fabricate the same as per required drawing or sample. Our experienced glass blower team can assist drawing or sample.Our experienced glass blower team can assist you in designing of any components as per client requirement.

Our product is in state of the art and one of the best Indigenous segment that is CUSTOMIZED GLASSWARE.

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