Glass Homogeniser

Hand homogenisers are used to disrupt tissues or cells of different origin, such as tissue culture cells, biopsies from spleen, liver, lung or muscle. Even plant tissues can be treated. They may also be used for resuspension of cell aggregates or sediments. Choose tightly fitting or loosely fitting pestles depending on your needs.

Hand Homogenisers are used for rapid sample preparation, e.g. for disruption of tissue samples or resuspension of cell aggregates or sediments. The classical Dounce type model has a spheric plunger and is available with wide or narrow gap. The Eppendorf vial-shaped homogeniser is used for more specific applications.

Hand homogenizers of the classical DOUNCE type are widely used for manual sample preparation such as disruption of cells or tissue or for resuspension of sedimented materials. Ground-in glass plungers with loose or tight fit are available together with glass cylinders between 1 ml and 60 ml capacity.


  • Dounce type glass homogenizers
  • Rapid sample preparation
  • Choice of gap size

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