Industrial Glassware Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.

Industrial Glassware

Our Industrial Glassware products are well known because of their outstanding features. These features include heat resistance, dimensional accuracy, resistance to alkali and chemical resistance. Our products find their application in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Our industrial glass products are made of good quality raw material so as to tolerate thermal shocks and chemical reactions. We offer a wide range of products.

Our glass pipeline components found most places used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries together with other applications e.g. food and drink production because of its following individuality.

With almost universal resistance to corrosion, a long service is guaranteed and maintenance is kept to minimum.

Their transparency permits visual monitoring of the process at all times.

Being inert, the risk of contamination is negligible. Smooth surfaces allow easy cleaning and sterilisation and prevent the build up of solids on the inner wall.

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