Customized Glassware

Glass chromatography columns remain popular in the lab, and not just for biochromatography. We manufacture them in every possible size and configuration. Chromatography columns are as various as chemists: long & skinny, long & fat, short & fat, short & skinny, with a reservoir and without, with a frit and without

And then come the choices of joints.. Your choice will depend on the compounds you want to separate, the quantities, and your personal predilections. Vignesh Scientific Glass Works provides a full range of columns, adapters, couplings, and end fittings.

We make chromatography columns to your specifications. We describe glass chromatography columns from the top down, For more information see our Chromatography Column Specifications. We can also alter existing columns to meet your needs, although this is not always cost effective.

We also manufacture flow control adapters, separable solvent reservoirs and solvent addition funnels.

The Sigma chromatography column product line is for general work for extraction of components and specialized applications in iso enzyme and protein studies, hemoglobin fractionation and desalting.

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