Reactors Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.

Glass reactors or mixing vessels are frequently used for stirring, dissolving, mixing, extraction and other processes in kilo-labs and pilot plants. Jacketed models permit heat exchange for better dissolving and crystallization. Mobile mixing vessels can be transported with their content for further processing. They can also be equipped with condensers for vacuum distillation.

There are 2 types of Glass Reactors:

  • Glass Reactors for pressure applications (max. 12 bar)
  • Glass reactors for mainly vacuum applications (full vacuum -1 bar to +1 bar)

Glass Reactors for Pressure applications:

Glass pressure reactors or stirred Lab autoclaves are mainly used in chemical research. Glass pressure reactors are corrosion resistant and allow the chemist to visually observe the reaction. Safety measures are integrated in the systems to allow safe operation under pressure. Our Pressure Reactor systems allow the use of different reactor vessels within the same unit, they are interchangeable against metal vessels (pressure ratings > 12bar), if needed with sight glass.

Glass reactors for vacuum applications:

Glass reactors for vacuum applications allow operation at low over pressures (+1.0bar). They are used as stand alone reactors for single chemical process steps. When used for solvents, the complete set must be explosion proofed.

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